On Design:

I love to create; to have imagination manifested through every iteration and lesson learned. I crave that ‘yes, and…’ energy that blooms when passionate people work together to solve a problem. Always living with conviction, I strive to be present, to be curious and never stop asking questions. I give attention to the meticulous details others might ignore, but I always keep the bigger picture in mind. I hold a pragmatic approach to design, but keep my eyes open for new ways to innovate and inspire. josh Roll Maker mark


Rabid Rabbit Mockup
Rabid Rabbit Games

A fictional board game resource site. Which includes reviews and game classifications to help find the best games to match your play-style.

paint nexus mockup
Paint Nexus

A fictional site for miniature painters. It features Artists, Reviews, Techniques and Minis.

100 Minutes App
100 Minutes

A UI study for a fictional app that is meant to encourage the user to spend 100 minutes per week doing what they love. Focused on time represented by colored bars, with numerical tracking optional.


Spectrum Appraisals logo cards
Spectrum Appraisals

Logo design for digital and print use, with business card design included.

soot & root logo
Soot & Root

A logo created for a fictional plant website where people can find the perfect plant for their lifestyle and receive it as a planting kit.

sweettone logo
Sweet Tone

Logo for a wordpress blog featuring specifications and opinions for guitar amplifiers.


Arts MIA show
Event Campaign

An advertising campaign for a fictional event at the Minneapolis Institue of Art (Mia) featuring Designer Aaron Draplin.

guy Mckinley
Color In Art

A color study of illustrations by UK based artist Guy McKinley.

how to make cold brrew coffee
How To Guide

A simple pamphlet that walks you through the steps to make cold brew coffee.


bloobird logo

Some logo exploration, 3D modeling and 3D Printing.

lamp render cover
Lamp Fix

After a lamp body was shattered I used 3D Modeling and 3D Printing to replace it.

Magnetic Card Box

An elegant and over engineered board game card box. Designed, 3D Modeled and printed for


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